Organic wine from Riba del Ter

Discover Pago Diana, an organic wine estate and winery produced from start to finish on a 12th-century estate on the banks of the River Ter, in Sant Jordi Desvalls.


Organic products

Pago Diana has been accredited as a producer of organic wine by the Public Administration that depends on the European Union. This recognition is seen by the industry and the market as the most prestigious certification, since it takes three years to obtain it and the requirements are extremely high. In addition, Pago Diana is under the Designation of Origin of Catalonia.

As a result, Pago Diana is known in Europe as a leading company in the development of innovative techniques for the production of natural wine. Many awards, from the Girovi Awards held near Barcelona to the China Wines & Spirits Awards held in Hong Kong, have recognized this path that Pago Diana is taking and that will mark the future for wine production.