When Dr. Ruiz-López, Founder and President of Pago Diana, decided to re-launch the wine and grape growing activities of Pago Diana he had clear his standpoint; he would make wine as he works in Medicine, by deploying minimal invasive techniques.

On top of that, Pago Diana gave a heritage difficult to ignore due to the fact that wine production had been always present in this Estate ever since year 1146.

Thereby, Dr. Ruiz-López decided to merge his standpoint with the Estate’s heritage; he would aspire to work the wine as a mere intermediary between the vineyard and the consumer.

Still nowadays, wine production relies on a high dependence over the intervention on the vineyard and hence, this outlook was a breakthrough.

This new approach involved using old methods that were forgotten, such as taking into account the lunar cycles for grape growing or selecting and harvesting the grape by hand.

Currently, Pago Diana’s Estate has been recognized as an Organic Wine Producer. This recognition is seen by the industry and the market as the most prestigious certification given that it requires three years to obtain it and the requirements are extremely high. Also, Pago Diana is under the Denomination of Origin Catalunya (D.O. Catalunya).

As a result of this, Pago Diana is known in Europe as a leading Winery in deploying innovative techniques for natural wine production. Many awards since the Girovi Awards held near to Barcelona or the China Wines & Spirits Awards held in Hong Kong have recognized this path that Pago Diana is leading, which will set the future for wine production.