The Pago Diana Winery and the Manso Sant Mateu Estate are located in the North East of Spain on the lower reaches of the River Ter (Riba del Ter ®), not far from the border with France and the Mediterranean coast, straddling the Gironès and Empordà regions in the province of Girona.

Riba del Ter ® is a unique region due to the combination of its history, gastronomy and cultural influences.

Wine was introduced into Spain by the Greeks in the VIII century b.C. through Riba del Ter. In fact, still nowadays the ruins of the first Greek settlement in “Sant Marti de Empurias” can be visited. Ever since Wine and grape growing has been an inherent tradition to this region.

Many internationally known chefs such as “Ferran Adrià” or the “Roca” brothers own their Restaurants in Riba del Ter ®. Their Restaurants “El Bulli” and “El Celler de Can Roca” have been awarded among the best Restaurants in the world and are benchmarks for the Mediterranean cuisine.

Being the closest Spanish region to Europe and having Barcelona only 100 Km. away, Riba del Ter ® has been always a hub for artists. Salvador Dalí, for instance, was born and raised only 20 Km. away from Pago Diana in a city called “Figueres”.

At Pago Diana, our ultimate goal is to offer Wines capable of reflecting all the elements of this region. This is why Pago Diana wines are “Author Wines”, being farmed and produced with organic-ecologic criteria.