Manso Sant Mateu is recorded in documents dating from 1146 and has been known as a winegrowing Estate ever since. There is an entry in the Catalan Encyclopaedia in which Manso Sant Mateu is described as having been a vineyard for at least the last few centuries, with a Winery with total production capacity of around 80,000 litres. Among the local historical landmarks are the ancient Roman settlements (1st and 2nd centuries A.D.) along the Via Augusta. The new Pago Diana Winery has been built nearby.
However, wine production was stopped during the early 20th Century until 1998 due to the expansion of the “Phylloxera” across Europe, which eradicated most of the grape plantations.

In 1998, Dr. Ricardo Ruiz-López refurbished the ten centuries old house of the Estate, built the Winery and re-seeded the vineyards in order to bring back from the past the wine and grape growing tradition of Pago Diana.